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               EDKA Solutions is Human Resource Management Consultancy firm with experience in recruitment, general HRM consultancy, and outsourcing in Nairobi, Kenya. Our services also extend beyond our borders as we also offer international recruitment services. As a going-concern, we provide tailor-made recruitment solutions to our clients premised on affordability, time consciousness and quality at a reasonable consideration. We help in making sure that your business conforms to the ever-changing employment related government regulations. We ensure outsourced staff are managed within the stipulated legislation in line with the employment act.

            The workforce is changing and EDKA is one of the leading forces in Kenya shaping that change as we offer specialized solutions, focusing on industry know-how and cost leadership. This also means ensuring continuity and nurturing long-term relationship with our internal and external clients.

           Attracting professional skills requires ‘experts’ in our network, hence in-depth professional knowledge among our employees’ which enables us to find and provide challenging consecutive assignments which offer attractive perspectives for career development. We have been successful in working with recruiting companies to expedite and simplify the hiring process. Our recruiters have a sharp eye for talent and quality and will provide you with the best individuals from the hire-pool.

Company Size: 1-10 employees

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Office Address: Bazaar Plaza, Moi Avenue, 7th Floor Room 711 and 712 Nairobi, Kenya
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