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Andrew Mwaura Peter Phone: 0791560500 Email: andrewmpeter201@gmal.

I am a dedicated professional with a Diploma in Applied Statistics from the Kiambu Institute for Science and Technology, completed in December 2023. My expertise includes statistical analysis, data interpretation, and proficiency in R software and Microsoft Excel.

During my academic tenure, I undertook numerous projects involving rigorous data collection, analysis, and reporting. These projects, ranging from economic trends to health data analysis, have equipped me with the ability to derive actionable insights from complex datasets.

I gained practical experience through my attachment at KARLO Seeds, where I was involved in data collection and analysis related to agricultural research. I managed large datasets, ensured data integrity, and utilized R and Excel for analysis and visualization. My work significantly contributed to research initiatives aimed at improving seed quality and yield. My role required effective collaboration with senior researchers and the ability to present findings clearly.

In addition to my academic and practical experiences, I have been an active member of the Mathematics Club, solving complex problems and assisting peers with mathematical concepts. This involvement has enhanced my analytical and communication skills.

I consistently performed well in my coursework, particularly in statistics and data analysis. My dedication to my field is evident in my meticulous approach to data management and my ability to identify trends and insights from complex datasets.

I am now seeking a challenging role where I can apply my analytical skills and statistical knowledge. I aim to contribute to an organization’s success through data-driven decision-making and continuous professional development



karlo seeds

Assistant statistician - 1/sep/2023-30/nov/2023


Diploma in applied statistics

kiambu institute of science and technology


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