enock onyiego


Profile & Portfolio

Environmental Scientists

As an environmental scientist, my primary goal is on understanding and addressing environmental issues through research, analysis and advocacy. with a background knowledge in environmental conservation and natural resource management. i work to develop sustainable solutions that balance human needs with environmental stewardship .

My work often involves conducting fieldwork to assess ecosystems, monitoring air and water quality and analyzing data to understand environmental trends and impacts. in addition i collaborate with government agencies, NGOs and the communities at large to develop policies and practices that promote environmental sustainability and resilience.

Education – wise I hold a bachelors degree in environmental conservation and natural resource management; this provides me with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex environmental challenges. continuous learning and staying updated with the latest research are crucial aspects in my career

Overall my goal as an environmental scientist is to contribute to a healthier planet by advocating for sound environmental policies, conducting impactful research and raising awareness about pressing environmental issues.



data analysis - 3/5/2020 to 7/8/2023


bachelors degree

the university of nairobi
1/09/2017 to 24/09/2021


  • fielf reserch
  • Laboratory analysis