Eric Nderu


Profile & Portfolio

Civil Engineers

My name is Eric Titus Nderu Ndichu, a Graduate Civil Engineer. As an Engineer, I am skilled in designing, constructing and maintaining infrastructure essential for society’s functioning. My expertise lies in creating sustainable solutions for transportation water resources, buildings and environmental systems. I am dedicated to ensuring safety, efficiency and resilience in all projects I undertake, combining technical knowledge with innovative problem-solving to shape the world around us for the better.


Public Service Commission

Intern - April 2023/ April 2024

Guangxi Hydroelectric Construction Bureau

Site Engineer - August 2021 / January 2022


BSc Civil Engineering

Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology
September 2014/ April 2021


Certificate in Computer Applications and Graphic Design

Aeinsteine Institute of Technology
June 2014/ August 2014


Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Moi High School Mbiruri
February 2010/ November 2013

B+ (Plus)