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Profile & Portfolio

Office and Administrative Support Occupations

2022 : Loss control (Quickmart) June- October
1. Receiving and dispatch- Responsible for double checking every item delivered by suppliers or other quickmart branches and also responsible for dispatching items to other branches or back to the suppliers
2. Floor walking- checking for shoplifters and damaged or expired goods that are on the shelf
3. Camera operator- responsible for checking ongoing events in the store through the cameras and also responsible for getting previous recorded videos if something went wrong
4. Front end- responsible for ensuring that cashiers do not steal from the customers and customers do not leave with anything that has not been paid for. Also responsible for dispatching electronics so that we have them on record in case they are brought back as damaged.
2022 : Rural Urban Social Empowerment Program February
Research assistance: Assisted in research and drafting of a document that highlighted on drugs and crime among adolescents in Nairobi and Mombasa

2021 : Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
(May- August) Administration and sales department Tasks:
1. Key in Fuel list- Jkf has cars used to take senior management where they are needed to be and also to supply books that have been published. Each car had a fuel sheet recording when the car was fueled, the time it was fueled, who was driving the car and the cost of the fuel. My assignment was keying in these details into the system.
2. Key in Mail list- Every year Jkf gives out scholarships to students joining high school. Application forms are filled out and sent to the company. My work was to fill out all of the applicants’ names and phone numbers into the system to acknowledge that we have received their forms.
3. Scholarship Data Entry- the candidates who had been approved for scholarship interviews had to have their details entered into a customized database made for jkf for future use
4. Call list entry and calling- we printed lists of the approved students and called each of them to give them the details about the interviews
5. Prepare for interviews- we made sure the security team had a list of the people who were coming and also prepared to host the according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. We pitched a tent for where they will sit and arranged refreshments for them and also prepared where they would be interviewed
6. Filing and sorting scholarship reports- we filed the interview reports for those who passed and those who did not pass their interviews by their counties
7. Stock taking- we had our annual stock stake at our kijabe street branch where we were making sure that the stock we had was the same as what the system was displaying
8. Performance contract- After every financial year a new performance contract is drawn for the next financial year. My task was to draft what goal the HR department should achieve by next year. I referred to the previous year’s performance contract and also got help from my supervisor
9. Sales- I was responsible for putting together an order after getting the invoice.

2020 : New Day CarWash (September- Feb 2021) Assistant Manager Tasks
1. Record all cars that came in and what type of service they got
2. Paid electricity and water bill
3. Monthly income statement and expenditure
4. Stock taking
2020 : Ola Petrol Station Bellevue (August) Sales
1. Receiving empty gas cylinders and selling gas
2. Daily stock taking
3. Reconcilliation
2018 : Tatu City Catering Department (Aug-Dec) Personal Assistant
1. Buying all required materials for the day
2. Help in preparation and serving of food


United Nations

Intern - November 2022


Bachelors degree

United States International University
April 2017-December 2021