Isaack Rono


Profile & Portfolio

Management Analysts, Marketing Specialists, Real Estate Sales Agents, Sales and Related Occupations, Sales Representatives

As a real estate professional with a passion for property management, valuation and sales, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the industry. My background includes successful property valuations, strategic marketing, and client relationship management. Here’s a brief overview of my qualifications:

1. Property Valuations:

Proficient in assessing property values based on market trends, location, and property condition.
Skilled at conducting thorough market research and analyzing comparable sales data.
2. Property Management:

Managed residential and commercial properties, ensuring optimal occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction.
Implemented effective maintenance and repair strategies to enhance property value.
3. Sales and Marketing:

Developed and executed targeted marketing campaigns to attract buyers and renters.
Negotiated favorable terms for property sales and lease agreements.
Leveraged digital platforms and social media to showcase properties and reach a wider audience.
4. Client-Centric Approach:

Committed to understanding clients’ needs and providing tailored solutions.
Excellent communication skills, fostering strong relationships with buyers, sellers, and investors.
5.Industry Knowledge:

Stay informed about real estate market trends, legal regulations, and industry best practices.
Attend industry conferences and networking events to expand my knowledge base.
6. Education and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate Management.

Whether it’s evaluating property values, managing listings, or closing deals, I thrive on delivering exceptional results. I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals and am excited to contribute my skills to your team.

Feel free to reach out to me at or +254705583559. Let’s connect and discuss how I can add value to you.


Paragon Property Consultants Ltd

Assistant Property Officer and Assistant Valuer. - From August 2021 to August 2022

Over 90% rent collection for all properties under my portfolio.
Implementation of a new website for the company’s sales department.
Over 20 successful valuation inspections and compiling of valuation reports.

Paragon Property Consultants Ltd

Site representative and Assistant Property Valuer. - From January 2021 to July 2021

General management of properties under my portfolio and collection of rent.
Conduction valuation inspections and compiling of valuation reports.



Kenyatta University
From Sept 2016 to July 2021

Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate Management


  • Microsoft Office and Driving.
  • Property Management
  • Property Valuations and Sales and Marketing