Joseph kariuki


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Cashiers, Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers, Office and Administrative Support Occupations, Personal Care and Service Occupations, Petroleum Pump System Operators, Receptionists and Information Clerks, Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Teacher Assistants

I am Joseph Kariuki, an IT enthusiast from Kajiado County, Kenya, with a strong passion for technology, creative writing, and music. I am currently pursuing a diploma in Information Technology and am committed to expanding my knowledge and skills in the tech industry, with aspirations to continue onto a bachelor’s degree depending on future opportunities.

I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology by exploring innovative solutions. My diverse interests and dedication to learning make me a versatile and motivated individual, ready to contribute to dynamic and forward-thinking teams.With a unique blend of technical expertise, creative flair, and a continuous learning mindset, I am excited about the opportunities ahead and eager to make a meaningful impact in the IT field.


Seeds In His Garden Children's Home

Inventory Manager - 11/2021 - 04/2022, 01/2024-

1. Gained in-depth knowledge of use of the “Inflow Inventory Management System”
2. Processed and facilitated sales and purchase orders
3. Created new product slots and processed data entry into the inventory system
4. Frequently tracked inventory/stock levels and participated in constant restocking
5. Analysis of inventory differences and stock taking.

Jifunze International

Volunteer - 09/2022 - 11/2022

1. Participated in the giving of food support twice a week for the 100+ students of the school
2. Maintained the garden space which was a source for food materials
3. Participated in the preparation of the meals for the student population.

Seeds In His Garden Children's Home

Dog Handler - 05/2023 - 06/2023, 01/2024-

1. Ensuring cleanliness of the dog kennels
2. Ensuring the dogs have been exercised several times during the day
3. Feeding the dogs at scheduled times during the day
4. Integration of various dogs to ensure friendly environment


Diploma In Information Technology

KCA University
September- December 2023/Jan-April 2024


  • computer proficiency
  • Good editing skills
  • Ms Office suite proficient
  • Quick learning
  • Teamwork advocate