kevin Ondeko


Profile & Portfolio

Computer Systems Analysts

Kevin Ondeko is a dedicated and innovative Computer Science graduate from South Eastern Kenya University, equipped with a strong foundation in software development, data structures, and algorithms. He has hands-on experience in Python, Java, and C++, with a keen interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Kevin’s academic projects include developing a machine learning model for predicting stock prices and creating a web application for managing personal finances.


Kibabii University

Computer Technician - 2022/2022


Bsc Computer Science

South Eastern Kenya University

Web certification
Microsoft Data Analysis
Machine Learning online Course
Computer hardware configuration
Programming Languages: Python, Java, C++
Database Management: Experienced with SQL and NoSQL databases
Problem-Solving: Demonstrated strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail


  • Computer hardware Diagnosis
  • Data analysis
  • Data Entry
  • Network Configuration
  • Office 365 suite packages