Young Graduate Programme

Integrated Centre for Sustainable Systems

Nairobi, Remote


Vacancy Description

Integrated Centre for Sustainable Systems is a not-for-profit company, founded in 2021, working towards building sustainable systems across the sectors of agriculture, environment, education and health for equitable and sustainable development.

We are currently looking to recruit young graduates and professionals who are willing to work as volunteers(non-monetary) to support the Centre’s programmes. The individual must have graduated 1-5 years ago, holds prior experiences as an entrepreneur and is passionate about agriculture, the environment, and/or health.

Bring your best to the ICSS Young Graduate Programme; a programme for savvy graduates. From the start, you will be working on projects that will challenge you and put your skills to the test. You will be able to make a real contribution to the Centre’s work while growing your professional portfolio, to stretch and inspire ambitious individuals.

Application Guidelines

Please remember to bring your most brilliant self to the table. In one document kindly elaborate;

  1. Your current/previous entrepreneurship venture.
  2. Your passion in agriculture, environment, education and/or health.
  3. The various ways you have developed your passion in agriculture, environment, education and/or health; including how the activities that you engaged in contributed wholesomely to the betterment of society.
  4. Why you would like to join the ICSS Young Graduate Programme?
  5. Your CV/Resume

(Minimum of 2 pages to be named Cover Letter & CV/Resume and attached in the provision for CV/Resume while applying)

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