Let’s Talk Safe Sex

Sex is a good thing. The emotional storm that soars within us as they heat around us ignites the flames of passion within us. It is really a good thing, did I repeat that? From different studies, we have come to learn about the different beautiful benefits that come with sexual pleasure. From relieving stress and anxiety to procreating intelligent mini-me, the reasons to have sex are endless especially for us young people. The five minutes to forty five minutes activity, depending on the oil in the engine, can and has been causing a lot of heartache due to the very see-able consequences of sexual encounters. At the top of the endless list of the serious consequences of Lungula is STIs and HIV/AIDs that we never consider when the heat is on.

Fact s, most of our parents never taught or talked to us about sex but that is still not an excuse for engaging in irresponsible sexual encounters. It’s harsh. I know. But at the end of the day you are the one to carry your cross be it a baby or a disease. They failed us and continue to fail us because they don’t know better and they would love to think of us as their very innocent child forgetting that the world is a very raw gray area with predators and information hitting us on the face the minute we get out of their bubble.

Good thing, we have the upper hand in this day and era. We have the good old internet and other information sources that teach us or should teach us about sex in detail before we start dipping our toes into the waters. Am not talking about those sites that we visit during that ungodly hour or the minute we think our ancestors have gone to bed. I’m talking about encounters, medical documentation, remember that class six book that taught us about sexual organs, and the mandatory common unit called HIV/AIDs that we never attended in campus? There is more than enough information for us out there to know how to enjoy sex safely and responsibly without the guilt, consequences and the suicidal posts that pop up on social media every once in a while.

Remember, no one is safe and no one is healthy because they look healthy/safe. Yes, they might be HIV/AIDs negative but very loaded with herpes or other viral or bacterial infections that might mess up your reproductive organs. As a female sexual active human that would love to enjoy crazy good sex, I have searched almost all corners of the world for the consequences of the same on my emotions, spiritual and physical person. I can assure you all fellow ladies, unsafe sex is riskier than you think.

Most men are carriers of fatal infections that can cause far worse problems than we could think of. For example, one of the infections that popped up a lot on my online reads was Chlamydia, an infection that can cause infertility issues if not taken care of in their early stages and whose symptoms come alive when we are on our red days and we most probably might end up brushing aside as cramps or normal pains.

To cut the long story short, get yourself a safety plan that will guarantee you a clear conscience when surfing that boat.

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