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Looking for a Job? Here are the Top Soft Skills Needed by Employers

Each time I walked into an interview room, the questions that always

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What is a Speculative Application & How to Write a Spontaneous Application

Speculative job application is one of the most proactive way of finding

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How Not to Screw Up a Job Interview – From a Real Life Experience

Story by Ivy Gathu Last week, I wrote about my journey in

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How To Use LinkedIn for Job Searching

The world of job hunting is changing dramatically right now, primarily because

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Searching for an Entry-Level Job in Kenya? Here’s what you need to know…

For years now, we have come across various reasons why Youth Unemployment

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Kobe Bryant: 24 Quotes to enforce the #MambaMentality

The world was stunned earlier this week when it was confirmed that

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In the Professional World, the Currency is Experience

In any professional role across the globe, there is always one key

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ICT is taking up jobs: Here is how to remain relevant

Well, because of ICT, careers have evolved significantly particularly in the last

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From University To Career: A Step Towards Adult Life. 

Life in university is a roller coaster of challenges glued together with

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