Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA)

Chemical Industry, Governmental Nairobi

Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA) is a public entity established under Section 5 of the Nuclear Regulatory Act No. 29 of 2019, which commenced on 10th January 2020, to provide protection of persons, property and the environment against the harmful effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation through the establishment of a system of regulatory control.

KNRA is a successor of the former Radiation Protection Board (RPB), which was founded in 1986. Powers and responsibilities of the former RPB are now vested with KNRA under expanded regulatory scope. The Nuclear Regulatory Act No. 29 of 2019 gives KNRA powers to grant, amend and revoke authorisations, and to impose such conditions upon authorisation holders as it deems necessary.

Employee Benefits
  • House Allowance
  • Medical Cover
  • Sick-off
  • Transport Allowance

Created 10 months ago
Office Address: Off Hospital Road, KASNEB Towers II, 9th Floor
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