ICT is taking up jobs: Here is how to remain relevant

Well, because of ICT, careers have evolved significantly particularly in the last decade.
Indeed, some jobs have become extinct (Think secretaries, telephone operators, etc.)
Many more are predicted to disappear soon including bookkeeping.
Therefore, as a student, you ought to evaluate how ICT might affect your employment prospects.
And importantly, take steps to ensure that you’ll still remain relevant, even as ICT continues its onslaught on conventional jobs.
So, how do you ensure relevance in your career considering ICT’s disruptive nature?
Well, one way is by pursuing short ICT courses to help you acquire in-demand job-specific ICT skills.
For instance, it’s much easier to secure an accounting job if you’re a competent user of computerized accounting software such as QuickBooks.
Similarly, a marketer with digital marketing skills is more attractive to employers.
In short, to be safe, you ought to identify a suitable ICT course to study alongside your main course.
Here are some brilliant ICT certifications for each area of study.

Medical students and professionals
If you’re in medicine, enroll for a certificate in HIS (health information systems) like health records and information technology.
This could be ideal considering that most medical facilities have invested in health management information systems.

Accounting and Business students
At the bare minimum, learn how to use computerized accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, Pastel, and Tally.
In addition, make sure you’re conversant with ERP systems like SAP and SAGE300 ERP.
Now, if you want to work as a systems auditor, enroll for the CISA (Certified Information system auditor) certification.
This trains you on how to audit digitized accounting records and is super marketable.
Moving on, if you’re in HR (Human resource), a course in a human resource management information system like HR master would be ideal.
In like manner, students studying procurement and supply chain management should be familiar with purchasing management systems.

Architectural, Engineering, and related studies
Knowledge of CAD applications is paramount here.
You can prioritize ArchiCAD and AutoCAD software.
A project management course, for example, PMP (Project Management Professional) may also be useful.
3D CAD software like SketchUp are gaining popularity and knowledge in them could further help you stand out from the competition.

Fashion and Design students
Fashion design software helps you bring your ideas and sketches to life and you should be skilled in at least one.
Adobe Illustratror, PatternSmith, and Rhino 6 are some of the advantageous software.
Other recommended clothing design software you can learn are CLO 3D, TUKAcad, and MarvelousDesigner (3D clothing design).

Computer Science and IT students
If you harbor dreams of succeeding in IT, invest in hands-on skills.
And you can get these from some of the best professional certifications in the market.
In fact, there’s a certification for practically every ICT specialization.
Here are my proposals:
• Networking skills: Go for CISCO CCNA certification.
• IT infrastructure management skills: Pursue ITIL Foundation certification.
• Cyber security skills: Enroll for CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification.
• System administration skills: Sign up for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), Linux Professional, Red Hat Linux, CompTIA Server+, and VMware Certifications.
• Web development skills: You should be proficient in CSS, HTML, Joomla, Javascript WordPress, among others.
• Software development skills: You should be skilled in Python, Android, Java, Ruby, Node.js with TypeScript , Angular , Postgres to mention but a few to work as a software engineer.

Marketing students
To pull employers, get a worthy digital marketing qualification.
This should make you a competent online marketer to go with your offline marketing expertise.
Basic video editing skills could also beneficial now that video is outdoing almost all other internet marketing channels.

Journalism, PR, and communication students
The demand for digital journalists has been on an upward trajectory in the last few years and is expected to continue rising in the immediate future.
It is, therefore, imperative for you to develop digital journalism skills to keep pace with the changing landscape.
A web journalism course should suffice here.
Such a course covers essentials such as Digital Storytelling, MoJo journalism, and digital publishing and can really strengthen your other papers.

Math, and Statistics students
If you’re an upcoming scientist, learn how to use statistical, data science, and math software such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, and R-programming.
Basics in using simulation and modelling software like MATLAB and AnyLogic could also be crucial.

Nutrition and Dietetics Students
You need software skills in renowned nutrition analysis software such as Nutrium and NutraCoster.
Some nutrition and fitness practitioners also use meal planning apps and software like Nutriadmin and Cozi Recipe Box & Dinner Planner.
Learn them if possible.

Information science students
Knowledge in various library and information management/archiving software would be great for information science students.
Besides, try to master stand-alone library management systems like KOHA ILS- it’s commonly used in big libraries and can give you a head start in the future.

Education Students
The best schools (and they pay extremely well) only hire digital-savvy teachers/instructors.
You must thus look for a course that can make you knowledgeable in maneuvering animation, presentation, and online interaction apps such as Skype and Google classroom.

Final thoughts
This list is, of course, not exhaustive and I encourage you to research and pick out an ICT qualification that best maps to your degree.
Having said that, I know that you may lack the time or resources to attend lessons in an ICT college.
That shouldn’t, however, hinder you since you can still learn for free (and during your free time) on YouTube or free e-learning sites like Khan Academy and Blaze.

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