Unnamed Shock

With very good papers and high hopes of getting a job immediately after graduation is the thought all graduates leave school with or at least that was me and a few friends of mine. A few months down the line i am still jobless and have bills to pay and my parents are pulling those stunts of ‘unahama lini?’ ,  ‘ can you get a job’ or “when they come and they are like there are some people who just lazy around in this house, instagraming and facebooking , you are growing old.”

“Tell me about yourself ” is one of the most common interview questions and just as the cheat sheet i had read earlier on stated, i spewed my answers armed with unshakable confidence,enigma,vim, vigor, vivacity, composure… you know name it. I was answering questions like “what are these? ” you know. I was that prepared. From the look on the interviewers faces, they were impressed. And it was feedback time or response time. All the comments were very good till the final one, “But you are too young for the job, sorry we can’t employ you. thank you for your time…” . Trust me after the young part, i heard nothing else but i remembered being ushered out of the boardroom. How i got home till date is a mystery to me. I don’t know whether i was in shock, denial… i don’t know what state i was in. That state  is not even in the oxford dictionary.

With all the qualifications and every requirement required for the job, age was still an issue. Not an issue, it is the reason i am still jobless. I’ve always thought being young was an added advantage to any organization considering that i am flexible (traveling, working hours) , easy to learn new things, retirement is miles away, clearly, i thought wrong. There is this shock that i haven’t gotten a name for yet. I’ll consult the wahenga and wahenguzi and see whether they saw it coming.

Anyway Till then lets all be focused young people, investing in ourselves, knocking on those offices,sending CVs to each and every job opportunity out there because we don’t know where our luck lies at. Lets continue attending those seminars and conferences, networking until there’s no more of them.

Continue learning because life never stops teaching.