100 Differences Between a Campus Fresha and a Veteran

Walk into any campus, hostel, event or even a lecture hall, and you can tell who the occupants are based on these differences between veterans and freshmen and women…

  1. Freshers go for all lectures, even when lecturer fails to show up; veterans take turns going for lectures and signing for other veterans.
  2. Freshers blacks out after drinking one cider; veterans use cider as a chaser.
  3. Freshers dress up for class. Veterans dress up for dunda!
  4. Freshers copy notes in lecture halls; veterans photocopy notes on exam week.
  5. Freshers panic when they are running late for a Lecture, Veterans turn around and go back to bed and try again tomorrow.
  6. Fresher gets a 200 page book for one unit; veteran gets a 200 page book for 8 units.
  7. Freshers actually call home just to “talk and bond.” Veterans call when broke.
  8. A fresher cites Wikipedia as his source a veteran cites the sources in the Wikipedia article as his source.
  9. Fresher panics when he knows nothing in the exam room; veteran starts reading for the supplementary.
  10. Freshers borrow more than one book from the library yet it is not exam week. Veterans only borrow books for CATs, assignments and exams.
  11. Freshers HELB may survive till end of semester. Veterans HELB don’t even make past the first weekend.
  12. Freshers don’t understand why learned people strike coz of lecturers strike. Veterans will miss classes to sleep on the streets!
  13. The freshers will say “Good morning Professor” in unison. Veterans will arrive a few minutes afterward and begin taking notes.
  14. Freshers give a damn how many classes they have missed. Veterans are more concerned how many meals they have missed.
  15. Fresher with a car equals free ride to rave. A veteran with a car equals free way to pay for rave.
  16. Freshers use their pens till they run out of ink. Veterans never finish their pens.
  17. Freshers talk about which schools they came from; veterans don’t give a hoot.
  18. Freshers carry a bag, pens, and a book for each unit; veterans carry one pen for note-taking, drawing and doodling, and a piece of paper.
  19. Freshers transnight reading for the exam; veterans dedicate two hours to chonga a Mwakenya as a back-up plan.
  20. Freshers snitch on the ones dabbing; veterans watch your back in case the invigilator is watching.
  21. Freshers call a lecturer, “teacher”; veterans call a lecturer, “Jamo”
  22. Freshers go for those free campo concerts without fail. Veterans only go once in a Bluemoon if there is KC Kibao. (Get it?) ?
  23. Freshers run to class; Veterans will decide depending on the weather, alcohol content in the body and motivation.
  24. Lecturers give freshers homework; lecturers give veterans assignments which count as coursework, otherwise haitafanywa
  25. Freshers cram the timetable before classes begin; veterans only get the flow after attending the classes for eight weeks.
  26. Freshers first priority is to pay fees; veterans’ first priority is to get a room in the hostel.
  27. Freshers know they can hack a 7a.m, 8a.m or 9 a.m lecture; Veterans are not sure if they can be up for a 2 PM lecture!
  28. Freshers don’t recycle clothes. Veterans recycle and only wash if it stinks.
  29. Freshers will actually love the food in the mess. veterans only eat there when they cannot afford better food.
  30. The only bottles in a freshers room are those of picana and sodas; veterans’ can open a bar with the assortment of bottles in their room.
  31. Freshers rooms have no posters; veterans’ rooms are full of celebrities and football teams posters
  32. Freshers bed are always made, veterans’ beds are always occupied
  33. A Veteran can take a whole month in campus before going to the nearest town/city.
  34. Fresher thinks Anniversary towers’ gate ndio gate ya tao, ukimtuma tao after 6.00 he comes back claiming “tao imefungwa
  35. Freshers talk over lunch is how to finish the assignment. Veterans crisis talk over lunch includes a game plan on how to dab the assignment.
  36. Akichapwa exile: Fresher – “I protest to this, I have equal rights to use this room;” veteran – “Ngoja tu, siku ntakuchapa you exile, utaitana.”
  37. When a fresher gets drunk the first time – am such an alcoholic; veteran gets drunk six times a week – am a social drinker.
  38. When the laptop crashes: Fresher; “OMG, my two page assignment is gone!” Veteran:“crap, my whole collection of riddims/FIFA setup is gone”
  39. Freshers think 40% is a crisis; veterans know 40% is God sent.
  40. Freshas actually expected this to be a list of 100 differences, Veterans knew 40 is enough differences.
  41. Freshers will not share this post, Veterans will share, copy & screenshot this post & contribute more differences in the comment when they should be completing their assignments.
Credit: Unknown Veteran, probably a family man right now, if you happen to read this, send us your name we give correct citation

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