5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for that Internship

Internship are so important because with the increasing rate of unemployment in our beloved country, most youths are wondering if they will ever get a job. Most employers want experience as a qualification. With no jobs around how do you get this experience? The answer is, INTERNSHIP. Internship can be key in building experience for a student or a recent graduate.
Whether an internship is paid, for school, unpaid, or simply for fun it still does not change its value. Most students do not really know the weight a good internship can carry. Students are reluctant to volunteer to any company especially if they are not being compensated for their time. We know sometimes you might get stuck in the office doing menial jobs like running errands but that should not discourage you from actually learning from that company and looking for greater opportunities.
So why is internship so important?

• Putting theory into practice.

Just because you got a degree with the highest qualification does not say you can handle the pressure that comes with the actual job. Internship gives you real life experience on how the company works. It helps you as a student expand your knowledge outside the classroom. No employer wants a book worm who can even put two and two together in real life.

• Career choice
Internship helps you get a feel of the career path you have chosen. Most students are excited about their degree choices until they get an actual taste of what the real thing. It will give you a glimpse of what life is like with that kind of job. This will help you fully understand your career choice. From there you may decide to change or stick with it.

• Employment opportunities .

Internship is no guarantee of a job, but with lots of hard work you may prove yourself as an asset to the company. Many companies would rather hire internal interns than new graduates. This is because the interns are already familiar with the company’s culture and ways. A good recommendation letter from your internship can give that extra edge against other applicants while looking for employment. Not only can you get a job from this you can also create a good networking basis for when you looking to expand in your career.

• Experience experience.

With the current situation in Kenya having degree or that diploma doesn’t make you any different from the rest. Everyone is looking to expand their opportunities. That is why you see so many youths tapping into their talents to give them that edge that is needed so badly. This also being too common so how do you stand out. Experience can get you that extra push. An employer will rather hire someone with experience rather than someone with a good cv.

• Confidence builder.

An internship helps you to know what you are really good at. It builds your confidence that you can deliver in any situation. It helps you to find your space in the organization. Most internships train you on real life experiences which goes a long way in building your confidence. it helps you find your footing.
Do not be scared if an internship does not go the way you want, sometimes we actually have to experience what we don’t what to actually know what we need. Do tell us how you various internship experiences have helped you shape and grow in you chosen careers.

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