A Pit Stop at the Mtura Guy

It was at 6 pm in the evening. Darkness was quickly prevailing, bathing Rongai in what I choose to call -patches of darkness. The day had gone by. Or should I say, Days are passing by swiftly-A probable possibility that the homeboys are growing old. “Growing old sucks, “Girls in tank tops and crocks will tell you. But then again some crooks will advice you to “live first and die young”

Which functionally literate brain will agree with this? I myself choose to disagree.

Away with age issues, I decided to give myself a treat. One that would warm my heart, satisfy my taste buds and feel my gut with even more desire for plenty and more. I know folks are wondering what it is I’m talking about.

“Alcohol? This must be Whiskey or konyagi, but do they really satisfy the tastebuds? “Your minds will try to connect the dots.

The sweet aroma waffling made me increase my pace. I don’t want to arrive late. I know plenty of mouths are in longing. These moments bare the tag dying moments for them, and the sweet aroma isn’t just a good goad, it also plays a role in making you pick a bunch of your pennies. You don’t go there with a thousand shilling note, maybe on rare occasions when money seems to play the good couple role to you, and so you don’t pester it.

I arrived at a moment when a new banter was cooking. Laughter echoed. It was evident that a third of the gathering were away with the fairies. I noticed they were talking about CBK move to demonetize the current 1000 shillings notes in circulation. I slid my hand into the deep abyss of my pitiable pocket, craning out a beat-up 50 shillings note that seemed to misrepresent it’s worth. I held it courageously before passing it over to the “Mtura guy” himself, who by now is drifting into cloud 9 unknowingly. Laughing his huge lips out. You could think he was one of those guys who pull out insincere laughter at Churchill’s show. But we like him anyways. His portions are never small.

Nkatee ya ngapi,mbao ama 50” He politely inquired, with his face assuming a mug appearance.

Ati mbao, mtura ya mbao ni ndogo sana Kata ya 50 bwana” I braggingly said.

How were they going to know that my pocket’s framework is worth fortunes? I had to do something. And this particular day, I felt like a kid who just stashed money from her mom. I wasn’t going to hive it any second longer, I had to sprinkle some amount. And fifty shilling note on mtura was a good start.

I waited for my order to be worked on dealt with and presented as a final product. You get my drift. I wasn’t going to stand there desperately so I finally decided to give my view on the CBK decision to rub off our esteemed 1000 shilling notes and replace them with new ones.

“Ckb thinks that by rubbing of the current 1000 shilling notes from the circulation it would have succeeded in cutting down on the number of corruption cases. Chief, This isn’t enough demarcation to scare our corrupt fellows.”I spat out my stance with sternness only equaled to the one of Matiangi.

This fueled the roads for more and more opinions. Literally, opinions flowed, argument bloomed and the conclusion was never reached- the accurate setbacks of arguing in mtura bases. If I could have said this at the bakery front in TRM, a bunch of the chaps could have joined my side. Maybe a random fellow could even shower me with copious praises.

“Mr. Akili, You need to go talk to CBK on behalf of the common mwananchi. Tell them Robert Mugabe thought printing money would add value to the currency. But up to date, we regard this move as a suffocating ignorance”

Or maybe he could even buy me a cake with a chocolate fudge flavour or Victoria sponge just to appreciate my point of view.

Back to the Mtura base, My potion diminished with each bite -A sweet disaster. A rankling event. The crony who stood next to me had is potion steadily mountainous. An image you would wish to glance at. A belch that signified satisfaction from a sought-after delicacy was heard escaping his mouth. In truism, this mate decided to splurge his resources on Mtura. But I didn’t blame him, all I did was pay heed to the way he gnashed on the pieces of mtura with accurate bitterness of a starving Hyena. This guy had limitless potential to grate pieces of meat to nothingness. But then again, the idiot in me thought, “This guy might be a blood relative to one of the corrupt guys in our country. I am talking about the guys who are imbeciles in moral circles. So he might be helping them clean their dirty money by spending lavishly on Mtura. So, for now, let’s accept this argument as the Gospel truth.

Away to other issues of slightly more importance. Don’t downplay the CBK move to rub off the current 1000 shilling note. Economist dub it demonetization and they analyze it with scrutinizing brains. Economists like Mawenge might be on the opinion that with demonetization the population should be ready to experience the toppling of the economy with extended cash shortages. Just worry my point down but don’t worry, there’s no need to fret. I don’t want you to adopt the worry lines in your face nor do I want you to go to Nation Media and shout your plight out saying how fractured our financial system is. Of course, CBK governor Patrick Njoroge won’t smile at such. But if CBK will handle the demonetization process wisely then chances of getting loans from banks will be high since banks will have more liquid cash.

And finally, one of my lecturers visited and read some articles in my blog. Her astute mind was quick to analyze my blog as wonderfully and engaging. She never stopped at that, She also described my blog as a battlefield. A theatre of war. A place where bones are broken and blood is left oozing. A stroke of discipline to those who dispense even the slightest provocation. I died laughing at this. But I appreciate such observations.

P. S.

Anyway, by reading the world behind the author’s words the probability of you climbing up the intelligence curve is mountainous. Grab a copy of Away From Victory by Zachary Oguda and you’ll learn that there is still many a thing you don’t know but you need to know.

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