Anyone Can Start Up A Business – Even You!

When I mention Chris Kirubi, a distinct picture of the royal Two Rivers Mall develops in your brain. When I speak about Manu Chandaria a precise thought of the Comcraft Group of Companies is displayed in your brain. If I go a step further and talk about Royal Media Services, the name S. K Macharia will bounce back and forth within your brain. These are some of the prominent names in Kenya. Such personalities walk around with unnecessary plaudits hanging from their sleeves. Their brain doesn’t lean in a different direction from yours. Perhaps they understand that failure is to human, however, they just don’t allow any margin for errors. Any room for failure and any breadth for giving up. Growing up they chased for the summit and now that they are already there, to them, it’s a quest for the skies.

Chief! These folks aren’t far from our reach, but a faulty negative perspective will make them miles away. S. K Macharia is just but another guy in another trouser. What makes him different is the urge and the vigor to achieve plenty in life. I adore is shine, and I bet you do.

Our lives aren’t perpetual, we’ll soon depart this venomous world, on to the next world, but the big question stands to be, When you die, what do you want to be remembered for? A loyal and hardworking employer? (Oh shit! Probably not that) A betting guru? (We all know that doesn’t add any weight)

Thirty years from now, we should be the investors riding the Kenyan economy on the glory path. We should be the corporate executives, business moguls and managing directors who sign cheques with pens worth thousands of shillings. Apart from Albert Einstein, who was abnormally lucky to have a brain that doesn’t have Paretial Operculum, all of us are on common ground. We can stretch our brains to our preferred limits.

Let’s talk about the simple tips you can do if you want to reach the summit.

1. You’ve got to embark on research.

The confidence of a fool is well exhibited when he/she jumps into a business without doing any research. That makes it a sharp scenario of wasted confidence. Getting to research something will boost your mental ability honing your skills even higher. Before you start a business, don’t just Jump in even if you have a flowing capital, you’ll have to stick enough knowledge regarding your venture in your keen and ambitious brain.

2. Look up to others.

It won’t cost you a penny to gain inspiration from famous people who’ve already made it to the summit. Understanding how that successful businessman made it to the top will give you an idea of how to reach there yourself. You can also learn how people with terrible grades and low common sense lifted themselves and are now swimming in a pool of money

3. Sacrifice all that partying

Bobbing, twerking, wiggling, grinding and booty popping will never equate success. They’ve been done for ages and the proceeding generations will also get lost doing them. Put differently, the party life is as toxic as the word toxic itself. It’s one of the many antics you ought to do away with to concentrate on your venture. In a career sense, a bottle of hard liquor will only sip away your productivity to nothingness.

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