Betting: The Government should declare the death lords forbidden.

Let’s not mingle truth with lies, July has been pathetic. It has proved to be one of the wicked months we’ve had to tolerate. It is the steroid that has muscled Cancer through our peaceful population, claiming a huge share of lives. Most probably a conversation with a mama bonga or a university student would paint a picture of a misplaced economy, one that browbeats us mercilessly. It is this July, that betting sites, Sport Pesa and Betpawa, to be specific, found themselves in murky waters. The bun that was landed onto them was termed by youths as the slaughter of the golden goose. The defeat of bet fanatics. The last sip in a glass of fortunes. (Don’t say you don’t get me)

Take, for instance, A typical university student going through the turbulent curves and faces of our education system will aggressively feel the pinch of our economy. With the end of semester examination approaching while the fee balance is so huge, the student will desperately ask for the Mpesa balance. Seconds later, his phone will buzz to the Mpesa Message. The content inside the message would be transparently hurting. “7.00 Ksh” that can only by a mandazi and two “Koo”

The student will feel devastated. He’ll delete the message immediately lest the near populace sees it, let alone his girlfriend.

He’ll dream with the days betting sites would operate without meeting any restrictions from the government. To him, little to no tax for Sportpesa would bring with it fat pockets.

It is time to tell youths the truth, betting sites have given birth to many losers than winners. They’ve triggered many suicidal cases. Do you talk about girls breaking hearts? betting sites grind them to a halt. It hurts that, in the chase for Millions, all in the name of betting, youths are left with their pockets as dry as a bone.

A thorough view of Kenya Media Landscape would reveal that Sportpesa and Betin are among the most visited sites in Kenya. This illuminates how wrongly placed our priorities are. Instead of spending a staggering 7mb on SportPesa, hurriedly selecting “Kichwas and GGs” at least visit Campoe and just like wine, let your greatness be refined further.

Channeling your school fees into betting won’t make you the next Chris Kirubi. Spending your rent on betting won’t make your face shine brighter. Let not the betting fanatics lure you into betting with their theatric testimonials. Spending your school fees on betting won’t make you win fortunes, it will make you seat solemnly at night scribbling a frightening suicidal note after losing terribly to the Muhindi.

Cases of lifeless bodies dangling from trees are no news to us. The betting industry is goading the masses into a big ditch of suicide cases. The government has cried foul. Our youthful population is still looking at all this from tinted glasses, that’s why we can’t join the government in voicing our lament and disapproval.

It’s time the government pronounces gambling illegal. Youths on the wallaby tracks need jobs not Lord of deaths that swallow our dry possession leaving us broke.

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