From University To Career: A Step Towards Adult Life. 

Life in university is a roller coaster of challenges glued together with staggering surreal moments. It’s a race that we’d wish we do away with in a wave of the wand. Sliding from the grasp of university would mean that freedom will eventually flow your way.

You must be dreaming of the days that you’ll be in the midst of the working world, earning your own money, responding almost immediately to your needs, preparing to frame a family with your forever flame but, what you don’t know is that the job market is glancing at you with terrifying eyes. And if it’s anything close to a smile, then it must be that disgusting smirk you only see in horror movies.

Soon after you finish college, the job vacancies you’ve always been hearing of will depart you. Sorry to say this, but if you ain’t fortunate enough unemployment will strangle you.

The working world is no longer a bed of roses but a den of thieves ready to steal your happiness.

To adjust from the life within college halls to the working world, right in the middle of our ever-busy Nairobi CBD is not going to be a walk in SoHo, New York.

Below are the tips that will help you get prepared.

1.Getting experience under your belt

The job industry only attracts education and experience. It needs exemplary grades backed with a brilliant amour of experience. You don’t want to go looking for a job with a CV which is shallow on brilliance. While you are still in university try to gather relevant experience under your belt. In a day when you don’t have lectures, you can work as a volunteer in a relevant firm. I know FIFA is the newest craze, downing bottles of mzinga is the newest fad, but you know what is even more better, spending your free time working as a volunteer.

2. Getting some money saved up.

Saving money is cryptic among university students. Any money you get is directly channeled to parties, adjusting your closet for the better and attaining that macho character, that the 10-year-old version of you thinks ladies love. Before stepping foot into the working world you’ll need to brace yourself with a few notes, ready for the impact. I would recommend you get yourself a part-time job that revolves around your area of study. It doesn’t have to pay 10,000 or even 5000. It should only be a job which will make you understand what it feels like to be behind that customer care desk. Such jobs will help you support yourself, and to the better, build your savings as you remain trapped in University.

3. A picture of the working world

The working world will speak a different language to the one within college walls. To be successful within the working world, you’ll have to be ready to adjust to the trends it brings forth. The beginning might prove very difficult, things will fall out of place, unwanted roles will be assigned to you and working for five days in a week will slather you with exhaustion. But with time you’ll catch up and things will flow fluently. But remember not to get yourself too much involved in the working world that you find yourself peeling away from your social life. Having that work/play balance is just so important.

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