How to Impress a Beautiful Soul on a First Date.

A day after your end of semester exams, her message will chip in. The content inside will fill your heart with joy.

Heyy lovey, I’ve made up my mind, I think I am ready to frame a relationship with you. And for the date, am so ready for it, let’s go tomorrow “ Your crush message will read.

You’ll agree to her request without a wag, not knowing that taking a lady out is a delicate domain. All she desires is a dinner date under the moonlight in a restaurant with a touch of elegance.

 “I’m happy to gain both your love and trust…”

…you’ll hurriedly type a reply with your fingers moving haphazardly on top of your keyboard. The entire hostel will notice your praises to the skies. 

Six hours later, you’ll scroll through your contacts, sending a similar message to your trusted circle. You’ll ask for their advice on what it takes to polish you mannerism further. Should I pull her chair, should I put on that designer shirt, should I plant a kiss on her forehead, those are some of the many questions you’ll fumble to ask.

They’ll try to help you get by your date. Things will happen, you’ll go on your date, misfortunes will engulf you. Instead of filling the gap in your crush heart you’ll leave it void as though you are equipped with skills to do so. You’ll drag your disappointed weight back home regretting why you failed to get your gentleman off the ground.

Love is sheer sweetness, a can of candy, but when you don’t have the grasp to discharge love on a date then you’ll open up a can of worms for yourself.
Put more simply, you should make the date a two-way conversation.

Grumbling about how you spent a solid five thousand shilling on your shoes won’t nudge her towards loving you more Remember, she isn’t an investor listening to a business pitch. Don’t focus too much on your achievement. You should be interested to know about her. Give her the room to express herself. Give her ample time to share with you an extensive view of life. If she’s a lawyer, ask her about high-frequency crimes. If she’s an economist, weave a conversation with her, ask about the downward and upward trends of inflation. If she’s a dreamer, appreciate her mental prowess and let her know you can also turn trenches into boulevards.

The dominance of alcohol is on an expanding mode with homeboys swinging swiftly to parties where alcohol is served on big jars.

Unconventional thinkers will tell you that getting drunk on your first date will only puncture your moral uprightness. I agree with them. Guzzling on some hard liquor in front of a wonderful soul will make her think that you are nervous. When you order ugali with beef you’ll unearth the genuine side of you. Ladies like men who are real and those who don’t manipulate their personalities. Strike her chord with the way you decently munch on your Ugali but be keen enough not to reduce it to nothingness.

Go for jokes.

Spending your sweet thirty minutes watching Kawangware househelps can, with no doubt, shatter your ribs. Take it or leave it. But when your lover cracks some few jokes during a date, your ribs will be dismantled as the foundation of a potential relationship will be molded. Ladies like laughing. Maybe it’s because they are always on a chase to show how pearled and whitened their teeth are. Crack some light sensible jokes. With humor as a tool, weaken and eventually defeat her strong stance without a physical fight.

And that’s as many tips as I give you, the rest is on you brother, be you and the world will come round and embrace you, including your date.

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