Isn’t it Time You Quit?

Most of us go through life with set expectations and goals we would want to achieve in life. It is not abnormal to feel like a failure when all things don’t go as we planned in life. We keep on pushing ourselves s o hard that sometimes we either break or loose ourselves in the process. We forget to live life, to enjoy each moment as it comes and to appreciate our small goals. Sometimes we need to cut our losses early in life before they draw us down to our graves. So when is it time to say no, to actually realize enough is enough and cut our losses and move on in life.

A very good friend of mine once told me that the saddest person in the world is he who has set goals for all his life and doesn’t know when to be flexible. Goals are not bad but we should not let them run our whole lives that we forget what is most important; that is to actually live. Quitting doesn’t mean you are a loser. In fact it takes a lot of mental strength to walk away from a goal you have set for yourself. Here are a few signs that give you permission to quit:

  1. The cost out weight the benefit.

Most businesses go into business because they wish to make profits. But before they do that they usually carry out an analysis to determine if the venture will be successful. If not they pull out and invest somewhere else. This is the same strategy we should use to analyze the goals we have set. Does it require more than it will give back to you? If yes pull back it will not only be a bad in investment in terms of finances and effort but also your valuable time.

  1. Goals don’t match your values.

In the beginning of each year we make resolutions, at that point and time it seems like a good idea but a few months down the line the process of achieving that resolution might not seat well with you. Doing things that get us out our comfort zone is good because it tests how far we can stretch ourselves but that doesn’t mean we do things that make our conscience harden. Our values should always be kept in check.

  1. Change of plans.

Change is the only thing that is constant in our life. Things change, people grow, needs change and even goals change. Many people feel like once they have set their goals they are chained to them forever. Setting a goal for yourself doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to accomplish it. If you find yourself stuck in a certain place in life, it could be because you are not quitting enough.
And while there is a lot to be said for perseverance, sometimes it just makes more sense to quit.

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