Top Job Search Websites in Kenya

Top Jobs Websites in Kenya Careers

The Kenyan web space is littered with countless job listing websites that try to cater for different and/or all career levels and industries. The effect of having such a high number of options could be decision paralysis, not knowing where to start and what is the best option for you. This also has resulted in an increase in the number of fake jobs and jobs websites, many trying to mimic official job pages for the established companies in Kenya that many dream to work for.

So as a job seeker, in whichever career level you might be in, how and where do you start when looking for a job or thinking of switching career/jobs?

Here are our top job boards for you to try out when looking for a job in Kenya;

1. CampusBiz Careers

CampusBiz Careers is the first and only jobs website in Kenya for students and fresh graduates looking for industrial attachments, internships, graduate trainee jobs, entry-level opportunities, volunteer work, and fellowships. The website has been tailored to streamline the process of finding the perfect entry-level job, with effective search tools and advanced search filters. CampusBiz Careers also allows job seekers to create online resumes as well as create alerts for relevant opportunities directly from their dashboard. The website has been designed simply and intuitively, making it easy to use and navigate among those who aren’t the most tech-savvy.

With a community feature, CampusBiz users can build a network by interacting with other users when they are not actively applying for jobs.

CampusBiz Careers also allows Employers to post and recruit directly from the website.

More features coming your way soon!! You might want to check it out!

2. MyJobMag

MyJobMag is one of the most known jobs website in Kenya. Founded in 2011, It is a career company leveraging technology to solve human resources and educational needs. MyJobMag tries to cater for every career level, so whether you are looking for entry-level or senior jobs, they have got it all. It aims to efficiently connect great candidates to great companies at all levels, from senior to middle and entry-level. The website has advanced search filters, making it easier to refine your search by location, job title, etc,.

3. BrighterMonday Kenya

Similar to MyJobMag, BrighterMonday Kenya was established in 2006, to digitalize human resources and transform productivity in Kenya. Owned by a global conglomerate running several job boards in different regions, BrighterMonday connects qualified professionals to job opportunities and helps employers get the best talents to help grow their businesses. It provides a user-centric and transparent career platform helping candidates connect with the right opportunities. It has additional features like job alerts when new jobs that match your criteria are posted.

4. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is a job search engine under LinkedIn’s products and services. LinkedIn is officially owned by Microsoft after its full acquisition in 2016, Bet you didn’t know that! You are welcome btw! The website helps recruiters find the right candidates and manage jobs flexibly. It enables a candidate to build a strong online profile that showcases your skills and experience to potential employers. The system allows you to upload your resume and cover letters, for easy access when applying for jobs. Check it out!

5. Fuzu Kenya

Fuzu Kenya is a career platform that provides learning and employment opportunities. It offers opportunities for all job levels. The website is designed to help career builders accelerate their growth through personalized and accurate job recommendations. Additionally, the system allows you to create an online CV and apply for jobs. It also allows you to apply for jobs in other countries within the continent!

6. Summit Recruitment and Search Africa

Summit Recruitment and Search Africa is a recruitment agency that helps in sourcing, recruitment, and HR solutions. With the help of its psychometric assessment tools, it ensures right individuals are sourced and become assets to organizations. It has tailored search filters and document management tools, making it easy to use and apply for jobs.

7. Shortlist

Shortlist is a talent-tech company, that combines market-depth and robust analysis to find and hire the right people, whether C-suite executives or entry-level analysts. One of its goals is to co-create and execute innovative employability to prepare more youth for in-demand 21st-century careers. The website provides up-to-date job postings hence its credibility and easy to traverse.

8. FlexiPersonnel

Flexi Personnel offers an array of services from recruitment, Human Resource Management solutions, staff sourcing, executive search, Payroll and tax management, and psychometric assessments. It focuses on integrity and reliability helping candidates locate the right opportunities. One of its unique features is, that it enables you to build your profile on its Application Tracking System ( ATS ) and you get notified every time there is a matching opportunity for you. Cool! Right??

9. Hiring Cafe

Hiring Care is a platform with countless remote jobs for those looking for opportunities globally that allow them to work from home. The job site is designed for the modern job seeker, it eradicates irrelevant search results, delivers near-perfect search results, and directs users to simple application forms. Impressive I must say!! With constant iterations, the platform continues to provide a quality user experience. Needless to say, it is a well-thought-out job board that strategically meets the expectations of a job seeker looking for opportunities beyond our physical borders.

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