TOXIC BOSS; how to spot a bad boss.

Bosses can make you either love your job or hate it for the rest of your entire life. Finally you are here; you got that long awaited email that is inviting you to that interview. You breathe that sigh of relief and your mind is just bubbling with excitement. Finally someone took notice of you and all your efforts. It all looks good so far. You carry out your basic research and prepare yourself for that very important date. But there is only one problem you have no idea how your new boss is like.

The interview will be the best opportunity to show you the kind of bosses you will have. An interview hall doesn’t only put you on the spot to impress your employer but it also put you in position to know more of the employer. Most people quit their jobs due to the stress at the work place. What is the definition of a bad boss well according to leadership experts a bad boss is often unkind, absent most of the time, micro manages employees, a bad communicator, doesn’t care about employees welfare or is guilty of all the above. It might be your dream job but with a bad boss take to your heels and run. Because a bad boss can not only kill your professional excitement permanently he/ she can also cause serious social problems so before you sign that contract think twice.

So how do you spot a bad boss? Here are a few tips:

1.      Trust your instincts.

You will never go wrong with this. When sitting across the interview table and you feel something is wrong don’t down play it. Most of us might simply dismiss this as nerves. It might be true that you are nervous and this can be reason for you feeling uncomfortable. But if the feeling persists take a mental step back and assess the whole situation again. You might just be missing something that changes the whole thing.

2.      Punctuality

It is very annoying to be kept waiting especially if you have made effort to be punctual for an appointment. Everyone has occasional emergencies but if you are kept waiting for 15 to 30minutes with no explanation that can mean trouble. This can mean to things either the employer belittles the process so much that he/she doesn’t see the need to be punctual or generally the company does not have clear guidelines on time management. Both which are bad.

3.      General rudeness

You can tell a lot from how a boss handles his/her employees. How does he treat his secretary? Some employers will blatantly show you that they are doing you a favor by interviewing you, while others will try to hide it. Look at how they talk to you listen keenly on each word and their expressions these will show you all that you need.

4.      Employees interaction at the office

When you first walk into the office what atmosphere did you get, was it that of fear? And how do the employees interact with each other are they free or snick around the office. Do the employees look happy or are their faces covered with frustration? All these things will show you the kind of boss you might have.
In short a bad boss can be spotted from all around you. It does not take someone to spell it out to you. No matter how good the deal might sound with a bad boss don’t take it run as far as you can. We would love to hear some of your experiences with bad boss, read share and talk to us.

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