What Makes a Good CV/Resume?

Want a good CV? Something that can get you that dream job? To make you stand out? I believe that a good cv is like an advertisement. It needs to be long enough to get the message through but short and straight to the point. It is a pity that while in school we are not taught how to write a professional cv. A PROFESSIONAL CV not just any type of cv. So how do we strike a balance, how do we get that message through without being boring and monotonous?

Well here are some pointers on how to be different in your cv.


No one is perfect .So when you praise yourself as on expert or mogul .It might come off as being proud. Instead let your work speak for itself and let others praise .This means don’t burn bridges keep your references’ happy and always be honest with your capabilities.

Do not be a robot

Most students make the mistake of using same old phrases used all over .A good example; team players, multitasking, skilled professional. No one wants a robot if you use the same old rusty, dusty and old phrases what does that say? Try something new. It does not hurt to be different.

Do not dwell on past victories

When writing a CV most student tend to focus on their past victories’ was elected chairperson in school, worked in a big company met my deadlines. Am not saying do not be proud of your success just do not dwell on it so much that you forget what you will uniquely offer your current employer. So instead of that, try to show us through your CV that you can be an asset to the company.

Tailor fit

Do not make the mistake of using the same CV for all job applications. Each job is different and requires different skills. So each CV you send should be made to fit the kind of job you are applying for. This will require you to do some research on the type of organization you are applying to. This shows commitment to the employer which might lead to good results.

These are only but a few things we can do to improve and make our CV stand out from the rest.

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