What’s your A Game? Working on your Strengths!

An aircraft had developed some mechanical troubles over a long period an the owners had been unable to find a suitable mechanical engineer to sort out the problem. They had approached several engineers and tried out sophisticated equipment with little success.

Just before the case was officially declared desperate, they brought in a different engineer who going around the aircraft, stopped at one point where he simply knocked one spot twice using a tiny hammer.
On starting the plane, the engine came to life. The new engineer issued a Ksh 1,000,000 invoice . when requested to breakdown the figure, he wrote, Ksh 1 for using the hammer, and Ksh 999,999 for knowing where to hit!

More often than not, we complicate our lives when we are only required to make simple changes to realize our full potential and get the best results out of life. We waste looking for solutions outside when they are within.

We all have that area, that one thing that we are good at. Start working on it, preparing it, learning more about it, investing. Work on you – be the best version of you that can  you be, sleep less and create time to work on you and your dreams, attempt the extraordinary, stop procrastinating, assess your progress over time and try out new fields. Acquire new knowledge- read widely and broadly, Information is at the tip of our hands. Invest in yourself. Work on your dreams, Build capacity even body asks you to, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Nobody is lucky in life.

“Hold the vision, trust the process “- anonymous

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